KSOF Fire Damper Valve

  • CleanVent coating as standard
  • Manufactured of sheet steel
  • Horizontal and vertical ducting
  • CE marking SP 0402-CPR-SC0768-13
  • Fire class according to EN 13501-3 - Installation into gypsum board wall: E 45 (ve i <-> o) S or E 60 (ve i <-> o) - Installation into rigid wall and floor: E 60 (ve i <-> o) S or E 120 (ve i <-> o) S or E 120 (ho i <-> o)
  • Suitable for exhaust ventilation systems
  • Low sound level
  • Good natural attenuation


KSOF is developed for use as a fire damper valve in exhaust ventilation systems. Fire damper valve KSOF is CE marked based on product standard EN 15650:2010 and tested according to test standard EN 1366-2.

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