DKOA Jet Nozzle Diffuser

  • Available in 2 sizes, from 08 to 15
  • Installation on flat surface
  • Outlet angle change within +/- 300
  • Long throw length
  • Low sound level
Optimised air diffusion with very long horizontal throw length
  • High induction airstream
  • Suitable for sports halls, airport, etc.


Jet nozzles are recommended for use in commercial and industrial application buildings such as shopping malls, sports halls, airports, etc. Due to very low sound level, devices are also perfect to be designed in concert halls, theaters, TV studios.

Terminals can be installed on flat surface. Outlet angle can be changed within +/- 300 in order to adjust to actual conditions. Air is supplied into the room space with high velocity, ensuring very long horizontal throw length and excellent mixing properties with indoor air.

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