ESTOC Targe (Power Box GF)

  • 500x500 mm - 1020x1020 mm box
  • 6 variants
  • Volume flow up to 5.8m3/s
  • Total pressure up to 1450Pa
  • Maximum operating temperature 110C
  • AC Motor (400V/3ph 0-10V controllable)
  • Motor protection to IP54
  • Backward curved impeller
  • Aluminium Penta-post frame
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Robust construction
  • High maximum operating temperature
  • Motor out of airstream


The Estoc Targe is available in the same range of sizes as the Estoc, and covers duties up to 5.8 cubic meters per second flow rate and 1450 pascals pressure. All units are fitted with an AC motor which runs via a 230V single phase or 400V three phase feed, depending on unit size. As the motor is located out of the airstream, this unit can move gasses with temperatures up to 110°C. The motor drives a backward curved centrifugal impeller made from aluminium. This unit also shares the same Pentapost frame and 20mm thick mineral wool pre-galvanised steel sandwich panels as the Estoc unit. As this unit has the motor out of the airstream located opposite the inlet, the outlet panels can only be removed on 4 sides to give multiple outlet orientations at 90 degrees to the inlet but not straight through like the standard Estoc unit. 

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