JM Bifurcated 200°C Axial Flow Fan

  • 400 mm to 1000mm Ø
  • Volume flow: up to 19 m3/s
  • Static pressure: up to 1000 Pa
  • Fan aerodynamic performance is certified to ISO 5801
  • Low installed noise levels
  • Operating temperature : 100°C to 200°C continuous
  • Hot dipped galvanised fan casings with integral flanges
  • Motor mounted outside the air stream
  • Available with IE2 motors as standard
  • Overheat protection (standard up to 1000mm Ø)
  • Motor protection IP55
High-quality fan designed to withstand continuous hot temperatures and with a protected motor that does not get exposed to any particles within the airstream.
  • Motor mounted outside the air stream
  • Suitable for continuous operation for temperatures from 100°C to 200°C
  • Adjustable pitch impeller delivers precise performance


Sometimes it is required that a fan is able to operate at elevated temperatures continuously, or when there are particles or hazardous gases within the air stream that would damage a motor if it was unprotected. Bifurcated fans split the airflow around a motor tunnel which means that the motor is held outside of the airstream and therefore does not get exposed to what the air stream is carrying. Bifurcated fans are used as kitchen hood extract fans, keeping the motors protected from grease and elevated temperatures, also bifurcated fans are also used in industrial processes where air temperatures are continuously high [foundries for example] or where acids or abrasive particles are common in the airflow.

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