HT JM Aerofoil 2 Stage Axial Flow Fan

  • 630 mm Ø 3 Phase
  • Volume flow up to 7 m3/s
  • Static pressures up to 1000 Pa
  • Fan aerodynamic performance is certified to ISO 5801
  • Operating temperature range : -40°C to +70°C as standard
  • Low installed noise levels
  • IE2 motor fitted as standard
  • Overheat protection as standard
  • Motor protection IP55
  • HT Certified by BSRIA for 400°C for 2 hours
A 2 stage fan configuration offering an in-line solution, high efficiency and high pressure development.
  • High efficiency above 500Pa
  • Adjustable pitch impeller delivers precise performance
  • Contra-rotating blades provide up to 2.7 times the pressure compared to 2-fans in series


The importance of being able to offer what we call JM multi-stage, or multiple fans in series, is that we can extract more pressure development than the conventional two times pressure that you would get in a fan or pump. By contra-rotating the impellers we can get up to 2.7 times the pressure development of a single fan and increase the efficiency. This means we use both the left-hand impeller and the highly twisted right-hand free vortex impeller. A 2 stage fan can offer similar pressure development to that normally associated with centrifugal fans – and similar efficiencies. For JM Aerofoil fans, a 2 stage configuration gives an in-line solution, high efficiency and high-pressure development – the maximum for the JM Aerofoil range.

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