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Good Day\,

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Thank you for showing inte rest into attending our Online Fan Academy. This topic will be an Introduc tion to Tunnels and Metro ventilation.


Please accept this calendar invite which has a link below which you need to use to join us on the day and time for this session. The webinar will be hosted over Micros oft Teams. If you do not have Teams\, you are still able to take part as y ou can use the link through a web browser.


If this date an d time does not suit you\, we will have various other sessions. Please vie w our website (https://woodsairmovemen or LinkedIn page ( https://w where we will updat e you on other available sessions and topics in the next coming week.


If you have any issues\, please contact us on \;Marketing.Woods@flak

 \ ;


The Woods Team


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Microsoft Teams meeting

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