ACIC Industrial Cooling Fans

  • Available in 6 diameters, 19.7” to 35.4”
  • Volumes up to 20,130 cfm
  • Static pressures up to 1.9 inwg
  • Operating Temp. range: -40°F to +140°C
  • AC IE3 High Efficiency Motors (Anodised Finish) 
  • Hot dip galvanized casing (304 Stainless steel option) 
  • Type A ISO5801 performance 

Our Industrial Cooling Fan range incorporates an enhanced AC motor specification with IP65 ingress protection to meet the demands of the chiller sector.

  • Standardized product range which makes it easy to select via our Fan Selector. No engineering work required.
  • Reliable for extreme environments
  • High efficiency
  • Different impeller blade material available: Aluminium and Polypropylene
  • Motor side guards in accordance with BS ENSIO 139857:2019 for safety

Introducing our range of energy-efficient industrial cooling fans – the perfect solution for freezing and cooling applications. Our fans are constructed with easy-to-recycle materials and incorporate high-efficiency IE3 motors as standard. The range is highly efficient, ensuring reduced power needs and lower operating costs for our customers.

Our fans are built to perform consistently in extreme environments, with enhanced AC motor specifications and durable construction, including self-draining capillary drain plugs for easy maintenance and non-painted anodized motors. The range also offers increased motor protection for frequent washdowns and features VFD control for precise airflow and cost savings.

We have designed this product range to be easy to select, with no engineering work required and a standardised product range, which is supported by stocked motors – allowing us to significantly reduce fan lead times. Additionally, the range uses a short and resilient supply chain to safeguard supply from disruption.

Fan Selector


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