JT Standard Jet Thrust Fan

  • Large variety of solutions to precisely fit your specific application
  • 3 sizes available; 315mm, 355mm and 400mm. Mounting feet are included
  • Uni-Directional JT Performance: 22-54N (50Hz), 30-63N (60Hz)  
  • Reversible JT Performance: 22-54N (50Hz), 30-63N (60Hz)
  • 2 Speed or inverter controlled motors
  • Choice of high temperature electrical isolator or terminal box
  • Can be supplied with eithers guards or deflector vanes
Our JT car park jet thrust fans incorporate our class-leading JM impeller to deliver maximum performance and efficiency. The Standard Profile JT range offers a simple installation and low noise solution suitable for either uni-directional or Truly Reversible operation. The 100% reversible impeller gives maximum flexibility to designers and consultants.
  • JT Uni-Directional version offers a simple and cost-effective solution
  • JT Truly Reversible version offers 100% thrust in either direction
  • Used for Smoke Clearance, Smoke Control and Pollution Control
  • For use in car parks and loading bays
  • Uses class leading JM impeller for maximum performance and efficiency


Our standard profile product offers car park designers a simple and cost effective solution.

Cased Axial fan, factory-fitted with two cylindrical, un-podded silencers, with a bellmouth at both the unit inlet and outlet, to optimise thrust performance. Depending on specific customer needs, the uni-directional product can be fitted with guards (both ends) or can have an inlet guard and discharge deflector vane unit fitted. Where the reversible product is used, it can be fitted with either guards or deflectors at both the inlet and outlet positions.

The Woods JT range is available in 3 different high-temperature specifications (F200, F300 and F400). All car park fans come with a galvanised finish as standard but can be painted (based on any standard RAL colour). 

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