Sabina - Single Box

  • 125 mm - 500 mm diameter spigot sizes
  • Volume flow up to 0.66m3/s
  • Total pressure up to 510 Pa
  • AC Motor (230V/1ph/50hz)
  • Forward curved impellers
  • Galvanised sheet steel casing
  • Acoustically lined box
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
The Sabina Circular Duct Fan is a versatile unit offering very low breakout nois e levels. It can be installed into ceiling voids due to its compact design.
  • Low noise levels
  • Robust construction
  • Quick installation


The Sabina single box fan is available in a range of sizes from 125mm to 400mm diameter connection spigots and cover duties up to 0.66 cubic meters per second flow rate and 510 pascals pressure.

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