eVertical DVC Roof Fans

  • Volume flow rate up to 10 m³/s
  • Static pressure up to 1100 Pa
  • Size ranges from 355mm to 900mm
  • 1 ph and 3 ph fans
  • Operating temperatures up to +120°C
  • Plug and play
  • Low sound levels
  • Speed controllable

The new eVertical DVC roof fans for kitchen extract are the best product which are energy efficient with low sound levels and offers space saving to meet the desired ventilation needs.

  • Motor out of air stream
  • High efficiency IEC motors
  • Protection guard and rain cowl included as standard


The eVertical DVC roof fans can handle volume flow rates up to 10 m³/s and static pressure up to 1100 Pa. The fans can discharge vertically. The side panels and motor hood is made of water corrosive resistant aluminum and plastic coated steel bird guard.

The IEC motor is placed out-of-air stream and capable to handle temperatures up to 120°C. The fan is mostly suitable for ventilation of kitchens, nursing homes, skyscrapers, hotels, toilets and much more.

The roof fans of size 355 – 560 mm are supplied with an integrated inverter type speed controller to meet the demand ventilation needs whereas the fans from 630 – 900 mm are supplied with loose inverters.  

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Dokumente. Installation, Maintenance & Betrieb.

  • Roof, Tube, Box and Inline Duct Fans Fans Operation Manual - WAM (DE)
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